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A transmission rebuild may be exactly what your car needs, depending on your situation. The transmission of your car is among the most complex and essential components of your vehicle, and when the transmission breaks down, so does your vehicle. But you may be wondering whether your car needs to be repaired, replaced or rebuild, and you’re probably stressed out over the process, too. At Advance transmission, we not only strive to provide quality service for your vehicle, but absolute clarity of communication, and in that spirit, we will now explain the difference between a repair and rebuild and when your transmission may need a complete rebuild.

The first step is knowing exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, and the problem may not have anything to do with the transmission! That’s why you should have an expert auto mechanic take a look at your car and run a thorough diagnostic before making drastatic repairs.

Once you have determined that the problem with your vehicle is the transmission, you’ll need to decide the best course of action: to repair, rebuild or replace. At Advance Transmission, we can do all three, but we want to educate you on the best course of action for your vehicle.

How a Transmission Rebuild differs from a Transmission Repair or Replacement

A transmission rebuild is a kind of half-step between a repair and a complete replacement. In a repair, only the minimum necessary parts are replaced to make the car work again.  Often a simple “repair,” as we’ve defined it, is not possible because too much damage has been done to the transmission and needs to be removed and rebuilt to function properly again. If you research transmission repair, you may find a lot more information about rebuilds and replacements instead.

A transmission replacement is more or less like it sounds: the transmission is replaced by having it remanufactured at the factory level, almost as though it was being build for a new car. This can be the best and only option is the damage to the transmission is severe, but there is another course of action: a transmission rebuild. This involves removing and disassembling the transmission, cleaning it thoroughly, and then replacing all the necessary parts before carefully reassembling it. This process can make your transmission nearly good as new and save you the cost of a complete replacement!

When you notice a problem with your vehicle’s transmission, bring it into Advance Transmissions and we will run complete a diagnostic of your vehicle inform you of our findings, which may require a simple transmission repair or a transmission rebuild. Whatever your situation, we will explain our diagnosis and go over the process of repairing your vehicle with you. Even more, we will provide you with a 3 Year, 100,000 mile warranty at no additional charge for Non-Nissan Transmissions. (For Nissan Transmissions, we offer a 24-month, 24,000 mile warranty, which is TWICE AS GOOD AS THE MANUFACTURER); A nationwide warranty is available. Furthermore, our technicians have over 45 years of experience and can complete the complex repair, or rebuild relatively quickly. The first and most important step is transmission diagnostics.

The transmission rebuild process typically involves the following steps:
  • A proper diagnosis.
  • Transmission removal.
  • Transmission disassembly.
  • A thorough cleaning of each part.
  • A thorough inspection of each part.
  • Replacement of the necessary parts.
  • Transmission reassembly.
  • Transmission installation.
  • A vehicle computer check for software updates.
  • A post-repair diagnostic.
  • A final test drive by 2 different technicians.
  • Vehicle is ready for pickup.

Questions we would ask a repair shop, or transmission shop.

  • What does the company’s internet reviews look like i.e., Google reviews?
  • What is the transmission shops (BBB) Better Business Bureau standing?
  • Does your transmission shop specialize in a particular vehicle repair, or is your business a general auto repair shop?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you an Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) Member?
  • How long before your transmission shop can look at my vehicles transmission?
  • What is your diagnostic fee?
  • If they do charge a fee, do you have any coupons?
  • How long would it take before you can start on my vehicles transmission repair?
  • When would you expect to complete the repair on my vehicles transmission?
  • How long would it take before you can start on my vehicles transmission rebuild?
  • When would you expect to complete the rebuild on my vehicles transmission?
  • What warranty do you provide on a vehicles transmission rebuild?
  • What does the warranty cover i.e., parts, labor, fluid, and tax?
  • Is the warranty prorated i.e., labor is only covered for 6 months, and parts are prorated after?
  • What does the warranty require to maintain it i.e., transmission checkup, or services required?
  • What is the transmission service mileage intervals?
  • (If you travel.) Does your warranty cover nationwide repairs?
  • Do I have the option of a Nationwide ATRA Warranty, and if so, does it cost extra?

Finally, during your conversation with the transmission shop, did you feel as though they are knowledgably, competent, confident in their answers to your questions? Now call a few transmission shops and compare them to each other!

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