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Affordable, Knowledgeable, Professional

Hands down the most honest transmission shop I've come across in 25 years. Scott and his team absolutely took care of my 72 Ford F100 issues with a budget minded approach. Their no BS warranty and knowledge speek volumes about how they stand by their service. I would strongly recommend their services over the franchise guys who are not vested in your best interest when it comes to the safety of the vehicle and life expectancy of the components. They have my business.

Matthew Trani Ofallon , MO March 28, 2018

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Excellent Service!

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the work and perseverance that both Ken and Scott provided us in order to finally fix our van. I took it to more than one shop and even the dealer. They all threw one part after another at the problem. Eventually telling us that we needed a new transmission. Ken finally said to bring it back to him. He worked tirelessly at finding the REAL problem at no charge to us for his time. I have been fighting this for over six months and was about ready to through in the towel and get rid of this vehicle. Thanks to him, it turned out that there was a short of some kind in the alternator. NOT THE TRANSMISSION. He replaced the Transmission control module that was rusted almost beyond recognition for no charge. He found the electrical short in the alternator and only charged me to replace that. Now all my electronic doors work and the van runs like a top. No more shifting issues at all. Four different shops could not find and fix the problem! If you want to have your vehicle repaired and diagnosed correctly, you would be foolish to take it anywhere else! Ken was refered to me me by a dear friend that has since passed. I knew when he recommended Ken that I could trust him. Boy was I right about that! Do yourself a great favor and take you vehicle to Advance Transmission at 626 Lakeside Plaza. Ken and Scott are THE best. I will forever be in their debt for helping me and my family correct this problem. Hat's off to them!!!!
John Waller

John Waller 626 Lakeside Plaza May 23, 2019

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FINALLY a trustworthy shop

Finally a trustworthy shop that doesnt try to pressure you into unneeded/unnecessary work. Scott was easily the nicest and most understanding mechanic I have ever spoke with or had dealings with. All the guys there were friendly and knowledgeable..they are a small shop that has old fashioned values of taking care of their customers and doing quality work. I would not hesitate to return to this shop or reccomend family and friends.

Peyton Archer Lake st louis May 23, 2019

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You have a forever customer from us!

Thank you so much for helping solve this vexing problem with our van. It is doing great, thanks to you guys! I am so thankful that you helped us finally fix our van. You know that we went to several shops and even the dealer to no avail. Thanks to you guys it is finally fixed! You have a forever customer from us, our family members and friends. Please feel free to have any future apprehensive customers contact me. I will be happy to explain what a great honest business that you have. And that they would be making a big mistake taking their vehicle to anyone else, before consulting with you guys! Thanks Again! John and Tammy Waller

John and Tammy Waller Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 May 23, 2019

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